Sony A-Mount Lens to E-Mount Adapter (LAEA4)

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The Sony LAEA4 Adapter enables A-mount lenses to be used with E-mount cameras and camcorders. Key features include:

  • Full-Frame Compatible. Provides full-frame coverage on the Sony Alpha a7 and a7R.
  • Translucent Mirror & Built-in AF Motor. Using the translucent mirror technology seen in the Sony Alpha a99 , the built-in motor provides continuous, TTL phase-detection autofocus with all of the Sony A-mount lenses we carry. Additionally, the adapter has aperture-drive mechanism that enables auto exposure with all compatible lenses. Do note that STF lenses, teleconverters, and Minolta XI lenses are not compatible.
  • Integrated Tripod Mount. The 1/4"-20 mounting point on the adapter helps to keep the strain from large, heavy lenses off the camera’s lens mount.
  • Video Shooters Please Note. When shooting video with all compatible E-mount cameras, you cannot control aperture while using autofocus. As soon as you hit record, the aperture will change to f/3.5 at the fastest. If you switch to manual focus, you can adjust aperture, but not while autofocusing.
  • The translucent mirror that is used in this item is extremely sensitive.  If it is touched with almost anything, it will scratch.  If it is scratched, we’ll be in touch.
  • LAEA4 adapter with front & rear caps
  • Adapter case

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