ikan IFB1024 Bi-Color LED with AB Plate

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The ikan IFB1024 Bi-Color LED w/ AB Plate is a variable-output LED panel that’s designed for video and photo use. Key features include:

  • Bright Output w/ Adjustable Color Temperature. The IFB1024 offers a very bright 60º light spread with 10-100% dimmable output and an adjustable color temperature range of 3200 – 5600ºK (+/-100ºK). Each control has a dedicated knob for fine tuning adjustments.
  • Large Touch Screen LCD. In addition to knobs, power and temperature adjustment can be made using the touch screen LCD panel. It displays output and temp on a large, easy to read screen.
  • AC Powered / DC Ready. The light comes standard with an AC power adapter. In addition, this model features a built-in AB Gold Mount for using the ikan AB Gold Mount batteries. For the most flexibility, batteries and chargers are rented separately.
  • Light Modifiers. Its built-in barn doors allow better control of where the light falls. Each barn door also features a gel clip if using special effects gels (not included). By default, the unit ships with a removable diffusion panel that helps to eliminate the “LED look”. The yolk mount provides flexibility for aiming the light where needed. Light stand not included.
  • Lightweight & Efficient. LED panels have a much smaller footprint than conventional continuous lights. Its flat design makes it great for fitting in tight spaces where additional fill is needed. The light at full output only draws a total of 82 watts AC power, so you won’t have to worry about overloading a circuit.
  • Please Note. Battery, charger, and light stand are not included with the rental.
  • IFB1024 unit with AB plate and installed yolk mount
  • AC adapter with power cable
  • Diffusion panel
  • Soft carrying case

Battery & light stand not included!

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60 days $81.00 $396.00 $477.00 $7.95
90 days $104.00 $510.00 $614.00 $6.82
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $62.00 $20.67
4 days $66.00 $16.50
7 days $88.00 $12.57
10 days $119.00 $11.90
14 days $154.00 $11.00
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90 days $510.00 $5.67

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