AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash

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The AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash is entirely self-contained with a built-in power pack that is powered by household AC current. It’s small enough to be used handheld with the camera mounted to the unit’s adjustable camera mounting plate, but it works best on a tripod. The ringflash has a center opening that accepts lenses up to 4-inches in diameter.

Output is 320 Wattseconds of power and is completely adjustable through a five f-stop range. Its recycle time is about one second. The flash is triggered by an included 12-inch Sync cord with PC connector to the camera. It also has an optical slave cell, so it can be triggered as a slave from other flashes.

It has a built-in, 10-inch reflector providing an 80° beam of light. We include a set of six gel filters for the ringflash (four warming filters and two diffusing filters.) We also include an AlienBees Moon Unit, a 30-inch octobox that fits around the ringflash and functions as an oversize reflector/diffuser.

Corey’s Take

A ring flash has a very specific look that works well for fashion photography and single portraits. Ring flashes provide soft, near shadowless portraits that can lessen the sense of dimension to your subject, but create engaging images none the less. The unique halo catch lights created by the ring flash can be a great way to have your portraits stand out from a standard soft box or an umbrella diffused strobe. Shooting someone close to a solid background with a ring flash creates a soft shadow halo on the wall behind them.

I wouldn’t suggest using this light for shooting multiple people as the light is fairly directional and the falloff is dramatic. Using the included Moon Unit diffuser would allow the ring flash to be used as an off axis light source but you would be better suited renting a cheaper Einstein or AlienBee unit.

8×4.5×4″ Opening
Strobe Output
Modeling Output
Color Temperature
Color Shift
Stop Adjustment
5 Stops
Sync Input
Mini Phono
Sync Speed
Sync Voltage
Sync Cord
12" PC to Mini Phono
Built-In Slave
Built-In Radio Range
Recycle Time
1 Second
10" Ring Reflector
Angle of Light
80 Degrees
Power Cord
15" Detachable
  • Reflector
  • Sync Cord
  • Moon Unit

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