Kessler PD Traveler

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Max Payload: 15 lbs.
The Pocket Dolly™ Traveler v.2.0 is a great tool for getting simple, smooth dolly-esque shots without having to lug around heavy dolly equipment. Allowing 23" of fluid motion and weighing only 5 pounds, the Pocket Dolly™ Traveler is an even more portable way to enhance production value no matter where you are. The movement is crank controlled with a belt drive which provides for quiet and stable results. Works great mounted to a tripod or placed on any flat surface.

Note: The mounting screw for this item 3/8". For best results, we highly recommend pairing this item with a fluid head.

Erik Morrison

Erik's Take

Erik Morrison

Video Technician

An excellent portable tool for adding motion to your project without having to spend time laying down dolly track. The crank, while helpful in avoiding jerky starts and stops, is a bit small; therefore, when using the crank, it can be tricky to achieve fluid motion throughout a shot. For some moves it may be easier to push the moving platform with your hands rather than using the crank. When critical focus is necessary during slider moves (when isn’t it?) I highly recommend the use of a follow focus.

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