Pan-tilt head - Induro PHQ3 5 way


This is something a bit different. For years pan-tilt heads have always been the introductory level tripod head, not nearly as good as a ballhead but OK for light work. Induro has created something different. The head is compact but well built capable (according to Induro) of supporting 35 pounds (we say about half that, which is still very capable). The handles fold down for transportation, the quick release plate handles standard Arca-Swiss plates, there are built in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal bubble levels making accurate positioning easy.

And precise positioning is what this head is all about: it rotates a full 360 degrees on both head and base. Graduated scales let you position the axes exactly as you want them, and it can rotate on 5 different axes. Its not quite as quick to manuever as a good ballhead but far easier to move and more stable than most pan-tilt heads.

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  • Tripod head
  • (1) Quick release plate

Please note: We include one Induro PU70 lens plate, which is a 2.5" arca-swiss type plate. If you need a different size, we do rent them separately. We carry 4 different sizes to give you the most flexibility.

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