Rode NTG-8 long shotgun

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Product Description

This microphone requires phantom power.

The NTG8 is RODE’s flagship shotgun mic featuring broadcast quality RF-bias and increased directionality across a wide frequency response range. This makes the NTG8 the perfect microphone for film, television, sports and outdoor broadcasting, live performance, and any professional distance miking application.

The NTG8 features low self-noise, natural sound without colouration both on and off-axis, and RF bias technology to ensure that it is almost completely resistant to high humidity environments which could cause other condenser microphones to fail.

The NTG8 is finished in matte black and supplied with a specially designed shock mount (SM8) that is engineered to provide excellent handling noise isolation, cable management and versatile mounting options for the microphone. A rugged weatherproof aluminium cylinder is also included, providing ultimate protection for the microphone when in transport or storage. The WSNTG8 windshield completes the package, providing light environmental protection.

Please Note: The included SM8 shock mount has a standard 3/8" threaded mount. We do not include a hotshoe mount as we do not recommend this mic for on-camera use.

Also, because we do not recommend using this on-camera, we do not include an XLR cable, because we don’t want to presume what length you’ll need. You can rent XLR cables in 3ft, 25ft or 50ft lengths.

  • NTG-8 Microphone
  • Shockmount (SM8)
  • Protective Aluminium Cylinder
  • Windscreen

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