Marshall 7" HDMI Loop-Through Monitor

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No cables are included with this item. If you need HDMI cables you can find them here.

The Marshall 7" HDMI Loop-Through LCD field monitor was designed for use on both camcorders and video DSLRs. This model has an integrated HDMI loop-through, which allows a user to pass through an HDMI video input to another monitor for a second user. The built-in HDMI loop-through eliminates the need for separate HDMI splitters and additional power sources. This model also comes fixed with a Sony L-Series battery mount, so it can be powered by a Sony NP-F970 battery.

Equipped with a high resolution 800 X 480 pixel screen that provides exceptional clarity and brightness and a 140 degree viewing angle, it is perfect for general framing and focus-checking. Otherwise identical to the earlier ‘70P’ monitor, the ‘70XP’ adds several convenient new features: manual gamma adjustment via the menu, image flip, adjustable on-screen markers, and the ability to place 1/4-20 threads on any side of the monitor for more flexible mounting. Most importantly it is equipped with composite, component and HDMI inputs. It also has false color and peaking filters to aid in determining proper exposure, focusing, and white balance.

Composite Video
BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
Component Video
BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
x1 Input, x1 Output
4 pin power jack
  • Monitor
  • Sony NP-F970 battery and charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Mounting Arm
  • Universal Rail Mount


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