AJA Ki Pro Mini

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Rods not included.
The Aja Ki Pro Mini Compact Field Recorder adds extreme portability to the Ki Pro family. Bringing a file-based workflow to any production to be edited on Final Cut Pro, this miniature field recorder not only records edit-ready Apple ProRes (and Avid DNxHD) footage from any SDI or HDMI video camera, it does so on easily available Compact Flash cards. Its small form factor allows it to be mounted on a tripod or camera with industry-standard adapters, while its powerful support of both SD and HD recording—via both SDI and HDMI—makes it an invaluable tool for on-set digital capture.

This is a very powerful and superb recorder. That does no mean it will do whatever you imagine it should. If you haven’t read about this recorder, please do before ordering. Particularly if you are not doing post work on Mac computers you may find it difficult to work with: the CF cards are automatically formatted for Macs. This item will be refunded only if it proves defective, not because it didn’t do what you thought it might.

AJA’s qualified CF card list

  • AJA Ki Pro Mini
  • Anton Bauer Gold Plate
  • XLR4 Cable
  • Zwiss Plate
  • AC Adapter

*Plate features 2 extra D-Taps!

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