Video SLR Viewfinder with Double Grip


This is the Cavision MHE52 viewfinder, a single lens element cap designed to mount over a 3.5 inch LCD, such as the 5D MkII, transforming the LCD into a viewfinder for Liveview and video work. It greatly enhances working in sunlight or conditions where the viewfinder can be hard to visualize allowing more accurate composition and focusing.

The camera mounts to the plate in front of the viewfinder which is adjustable to mount snugly to the LCD on most cameras. The double handgrip allows you to hold the camera steady while filming.

Please Note Height alignment of the LCD Viewfinder is intended for the Canon 5D Mark II and may not align properly with other cameras. For use with the Canon 7D and Rebel T2i an additional RPC4580 spacer plate must be requested.

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

Let me be subtle and understated here: THIS VIEWFINDER ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, TOTALLY ROCKS! Any questions?

OK, the obvious first: it gives you a 2x view of the camera’s LCD in a nice enclosure so light glare is completely a nonissue. Accurately manually focus in Live View handheld? Check. Even with my bad eyes I suddenly have no trouble with manual focus. Accurately follow focus shooting video? Check! See above. Do both no matter how bright the sun? Check! OK, so it does what it says it will do. So well that I changed the lenses I was going to use shooting an indoor party this week. I don’t need no stinkin’ autofocus! Manual focus it is!

But I’m most impressed by its great design. No stupid looking rubber band thingies to hold it on the camera. A very sturdy, very adjustable mount screws into the tripod mount making a one piece system. And a thumbscrew lets you drop the viewfinder out of the way if you want to shoot through the eyepiece for a while.
The two-hand grip is much sturdier than holding the camera, but is meant for shooting video (your right hand is away from the shutter button) so if you’re shooting stills you’ll want just the viewfinder without the grip.

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