GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

Available Tomorrow

Please Note: The HERO3+ is compatible with all GoPro mounts (head strap, handlebar, etc); however, its new smaller housing is not compatible with any of the original BacPacs or other backdoor related accessories. If you want to use it with any of the BacPacs, we rent specific HERO3+ versions. If you have any doubts, please ask first!

The GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition is an update of the GoPro Hero3: Black Edition. Key features include:

* Improvements Over Predecessor. The HERO3+ has a 20% reduction in housing size, making it even more versatile. It has an improved lens that offers sharper images and fewer imaging artifacts. The new higher capacity battery provides 30% more battery life. It features a new SuperView Video mode that records an even wider perspective, as well as a new Auto Low Light mode that changes frame rates based on lighting conditions to give better low light performance.

* High Quality Video. The HERO3+ Black Edition records a wider range of resolutions and frame rates. From the standard 1080p / 60fps, to 4K / 15fps or down to 720p / 120fps with a wide range of variable in between. For even higher quality video, you can switch to Protune mode for recording with less compression and a more neutral color profile.

* Still Photo Capture. In addition to video, you can shoot 12MP high quality stills at up to 30fps. Set a time lapse for auto-capturing images at set intervals ranging from 0.5 – 60 seconds.

* Built-In Wi-Fi w/ Included Remote. With the HERO3+, you get up to 4x faster wi-fi speeds, allowing near real-time live view performance with a smart device using the free GoPro App. All settings can be changed from within the app, as well as start / stop recording, live view, and image transfer to the device. Also included is the Wi-Fi Remote for simple start / stop recording and controlling up to 50 cameras at once.

* Other Notable Features. You have multiple white balance modes for fine-tuning color in camera, a spot meter mode for filming in dark conditions with a bright light source in frame, looping video capability, and one button recording.

At this moment, the higher capacity AHDBT-302 spare batteries are not available for rent. However, we do have the previous generation AHDBT-301 spare batteries.

The default WiFi password on our GoPros is “lensrentals”. If that password isn’t working with the camera, you will need to re-install the firmware so you can set up your own password. To do so, you will need a computer. Follow this link for the firmware update, and instructions. We understand this may be inconvenient, and are working on a better solution. In the meantime, please plan accordingly.
  • HERO3+ Black Edition camera
  • Waterproof housing
  • AHDBT-302 battery
  • Quick-release buckle
  • 3-way pivot arm
  • USB cable
  • Wi-Fi Remote w/ charging cable
  • Tripod mount

Composite AV Cables for GoPro3+ not available.

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Rental Period Lenscap+ Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $6.00 $29.00 $35.00 $11.67
4 days $7.00 $31.00 $38.00 $9.50
7 days $9.00 $41.00 $50.00 $7.14
10 days $12.00 $55.00 $67.00 $6.70
14 days $16.00 $72.00 $88.00 $6.29
21 days $21.00 $96.00 $117.00 $5.57
30 days $27.00 $121.00 $148.00 $4.93
45 days $35.00 $158.00 $193.00 $4.29
60 days $41.00 $185.00 $226.00 $3.77
90 days $52.00 $238.00 $290.00 $3.22
Rental Period Lenscap Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $4.00 $29.00 $33.00 $11.00
4 days $5.00 $31.00 $36.00 $9.00
7 days $6.00 $41.00 $47.00 $6.71
10 days $8.00 $55.00 $63.00 $6.30
14 days $11.00 $72.00 $83.00 $5.93
21 days $14.00 $96.00 $110.00 $5.24
30 days $18.00 $121.00 $139.00 $4.63
45 days $23.00 $158.00 $181.00 $4.02
60 days $27.00 $185.00 $212.00 $3.53
90 days $35.00 $238.00 $273.00 $3.03
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $29.00 $9.67
4 days $31.00 $7.75
7 days $41.00 $5.86
10 days $55.00 $5.50
14 days $72.00 $5.14
21 days $96.00 $4.57
30 days $121.00 $4.03
45 days $158.00 $3.51
60 days $185.00 $3.08
90 days $238.00 $2.64

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