Sony NEX-FS100U

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The Sony NEX-FS100U can be thought of as the little brother of the Sony F3. This compact, highly modular camera uses a similar Super35-size CMOS sensor to that of the F3 (with 1.5x lens loss).This sensor size provides complete compatibility with a multitude of SLR and cine-style lenses (via optional adapters) as well as native mounting of Sony’s E-Mount lenses.

Able to shoot full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, the NEX-FS100U is capable of recording 28Mbps AVCHD footage onto SD Cards or Memory Stick media (not included). Also, it can output 4:2:2 video (with embedded timecode) to an external recording unit. The camera includes a shotgun microphone with mount/carrying handle and dual XLR inputs for recording uncompressed, professional-level sound from an external source. Other features such as a rotating 3.5" XtraFine LCD panel with detachable viewfinder, SD recording, GPS geotagging, and slow shutter—make the NEX-FS100U an impressive camera. Not only will it cut well with the F3 as a B camera, it also capably stands on its own for film and commercial use.

“Exmor” Super35mm CMOS (23.6mm x 13.3mm)
Crop Factor
Recording Media
SD memory cards
Record Time (approximate per 1GB)
5min. (FX mode)
Recording Format
Video – HD: HD MPEG-4 AVCHD format compatible +1080/60p original format (PS – 28Mbit, FX – 24Mbit, FH – 17Mbit, HQ – 9Mbit, LP – 5Mbit) SD: MPEG-2 PS (Same as DVD) Audio – 16-bit 48KHz LPCM or Dolby Digital Stereo 48KHz
1920×1080, 1440×1080, 1280x 720, 720×480
*Lens mount
Sony E mount
*Audio/Mic Input
XLR 3-pin (female) (x2), LINE/MIC/MIC with selectable attenuation and +48V phantom power
*Audio Output
Stereo RCA via AV Cable
*Composite Output
RCA type
*HDMI Output
A-type 1.4
*Headphone Output
Stereo mini jack
LANC type 2.5mm
Mini-AB/USB2.0 Hi-Speed
  • Sony NEX-FS100U Camera
  • AC Adapter/Charger (AC-VL1)
  • Battery (NP-F970)
  • Connecting Cord (DK-415)
  • Microphone (ECM-XM1)
  • USB Cable
  • Viewfinder Attachment

*AV Cables & Remote available upon request

Native Lens Mount: E Mount

Want to use Sony Alpha lenses? We carry two NEX to Alpha adapters but only recommend one of them for the FS-100U — Sony NEX camera to Alpha Lens Adapter with manual aperture.

Available Adapters:

Recommended Accessories:

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