Sony NX70U

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The Sony NX70U is a first-class performer that hits all the professional sweet spots. Its back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor combines with an ultra-wide 26.3-263mm Sony G lens and Optical SteadyShot to provide outstanding full HD 1080p images even in low light. The Dual Rec function, meanwhile, lets you shoot 12.3MP stills while recording video, all of which can be captured to the unit’s spacious 96GB embedded flash memory or your choice of Memory Stick or SD/SDHC media.

And just because the NX70U is small doesn’t mean it stints on professional features and controls. An assignable lens ring gives you manual control over focus, zoom, or iris, while the detachable handle with dual XLR inputs—and an on-camera shotgun mic—provides the option of recording 2-channel audio using high-end external microphones. Helping you nail focus and exposure are the zebra and peaking indicators, which can be viewed through either the large viewfinder or high-resolution 3.5" touchscreen LCD.

Documentarians in particular will find the built-in GPS receiver useful, as it allows you to “tag” your locations for logging and future reference, with all GPS data extractable to a PC and mappable via Google’s mapping service. And if achieving a more cinematic look is your thing, then the camera offers 24p recording to supplement its standard 60p, along with CinemaTone technology to provide realistic, film-like skin tones to your footage.

1/2.88" Exmor R CMOS Sensor
Filter Thread
Recording Media
SD Card (1 Slot)
Record Time (24 Mbps)
5.5min per GB
1920×1080, 1440x 1080
Frame Rates
60i, 60p, 24p
Battery Life (approximate)
3.5hr (NP-FV70)
  • Camera w/hood & eyecup
  • Top Handle Microphone Unit w/mic & windscreen
  • Battery (NP-FV70)
  • Charger
  • AC Adapter w/power cable
  • USB cable
  • USB Adapter

*AV Cables & Remote available upon request

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