Kessler elektraDrive with Oracle Controller

Available Today

Our ElektraDRIVE kit is configured to support motion-controlled dollying with the Kessler CineSlider. The kit is centered around Kessler’s ORACLE Control System which features joystick operation, adjustable speed controls, and a movement recording / memory function with three programable memory banks. Included in the kit are the 100 Series and 500 Series motors. The 100 Series motor is the quicker live use motor for the CineSlider, where as the the 500 Series motor is suggested for time lapse applications.


  • Does not include CineSlider or intervalometer.
  • The Kessler ElektraDRIVE is not a “plug and play” product. It requires time to set-up, and even more time to learn. We strongly advise that you check out the resources tabs to familiarize yourself with the included motors and ORACLE Controller and download/ print the manuals. There are a lot of parts and pieces to this kit, all of which are listed in the “includes” tab of this rental page and in the provided checklist. Upon return, we ask that you take care to securely attach the joystick protector and use the checklist to ensure all parts are gathered in the case provided. A picture of how we generally ship this product is included above for perspective.
  • ORACLE Controller (with Joystick Protector)
  • Motor Mount
  • 100 Series ElektraDRIVE Motor
  • 500 Series ElektraDRIVE Motor
  • Belt Pulley
  • Doubler Pulley
  • (2) Screws (for attaching Motors to Motor Mount)
  • CAT 5 Cable with CAT 5 Splitter
  • 12v (7.2A) Bescor Battery
  • Coiled Power Cable
  • AC Adapter for Oracle Controller
  • Vangaurd Case

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