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A Beginner’s Guide to V-Log on the Panasonic GH4

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Back when it was released in April of last year, Panasonic’s GH4 seemed poised to lead the charge of the 4K mirrorless cameras. Since then, though, the Sony A7S and Sony A7SII have taken over much of that market, offering full-frame sensors, exceptional low-light performance, and higher dynamic range at a similar price point. With [...]

Proper Techniques for Using Shotgun and Lavalier Microphones for Video Interviews

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The audio from an interview recording truly is the single most important piece of media you capture. Without a clean, quality recording of your interview subject’s testimonial, your story is lost. No amount of b-roll or text on screen will create the same amount of emotion, drama, or interest that a real person can create [...]

The Best and Most Rented New Photography Gear of 2015

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Here at LensRentals, we have a unique perspective to the market trends. With over 100,000 pieces of gear that are rented out regularly, we're able to effectively monitor what products are the most interesting for photographers and videographers. Here is where we'll show you all our own market trends, and give you a list of [...]