Ricoh GXR Camera / A12 Leica M-mount Module


The Ricoh GXR Camera / A12 Leica M-mount Module is a new take on a digital camera. It’s similar to Leica cameras in that it takes M-mount lenses, but apart from that, it’s a different kind of beast. The system is based around a camera body that just has the controls for the camera. The sensor and lens mount are built in to modules that are removable and interchangeable.

Our kit includes the newly released A12 M-mount module. The sensor is a 12mp APS-C with no anti-alias filter, so your images will be sharper out of the camera. However, you may see some moire if shooting very tight patterns such as fabric. The module has an ISO range of 200-3200, and two different manual focus-assist options. The camera is nearly completely customizable; you can program different buttons to do any function that you would need while shooting. This is great for those who like to have their controls easily accessible. However, keep in mind that makes this camera one that you need to sit down with the manual.

Please Note: The A12 M-mount module offers compatibility with all of the M-mount lenses we rent. However, some of you may have you’re own M-mount lenses that you’d like to try. We will include a standard m-mount rear cap with the rental of this camera. If this cap doesn’t fit on your lens, don’t put that lens on the camera. If you do, it could scratch your lens or the module’s sensor. If you’re not sure, email us!

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

We are renting this kit as another alternative for using M-mount lenses on a digital camera body. While many will argue that you can’t compare this to an M9, it’s the closest thing to one that’s not made by Leica. I love that Ricoh left out the AA filter. This allows you get get extremely sharp images, just don’t shoot any crazy patterns. The camera feels good in your hand. It’s has a good, solid weight to it because it’s actually made out of metal. There are tons of customizable settings and buttons that make even me wonder why anyone would want to have that much control. The two different manual focus assist options make focusing a breeze.

For those of us who tend to miss focus with a typical rangefinder, they greatly improve the number of keepers. While the high ISO leaves me wanting more, it’s still reasonable and definitely usable even up to the limit. My one suggestion, get the viewfinder! It makes it much easier to focus.

  • Ricoh GXR Camera Body
  • Ricoh GXR A12 mount for Leica M lenses
  • Battery
  • Charger w/cord
  • Manual
  • Rear lens cap for checking compatibility

LensRentals.com offers rentals ranging in length from 1 to 90 days. The shopping cart will automatically update the quoted price as you adjust the length of your rental. Our most common rental periods are shown below:

Rental Period Lenscap+ Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $8.00 $36.00 $44.00 $14.67
4 days $9.00 $38.00 $47.00 $11.75
7 days $12.00 $51.00 $63.00 $9.00
10 days $16.00 $69.00 $85.00 $8.50
14 days $21.00 $89.00 $110.00 $7.86
21 days $28.00 $120.00 $148.00 $7.05
30 days $35.00 $150.00 $185.00 $6.17
45 days $46.00 $196.00 $242.00 $5.38
60 days $54.00 $230.00 $284.00 $4.73
90 days $70.00 $296.00 $366.00 $4.07
Rental Period Lenscap Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $6.00 $36.00 $42.00 $14.00
4 days $6.00 $38.00 $44.00 $11.00
7 days $8.00 $51.00 $59.00 $8.43
10 days $11.00 $69.00 $80.00 $8.00
14 days $14.00 $89.00 $103.00 $7.36
21 days $19.00 $120.00 $139.00 $6.62
30 days $24.00 $150.00 $174.00 $5.80
45 days $31.00 $196.00 $227.00 $5.04
60 days $36.00 $230.00 $266.00 $4.43
90 days $46.00 $296.00 $342.00 $3.80
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $36.00 $12.00
4 days $38.00 $9.50
7 days $51.00 $7.29
10 days $69.00 $6.90
14 days $89.00 $6.36
21 days $120.00 $5.71
30 days $150.00 $5.00
45 days $196.00 $4.36
60 days $230.00 $3.83
90 days $296.00 $3.29

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