Okii FC1 USB Focus Controller for Canon

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It is important that potential users understand how Canon’s USB implementation affects the FC1. Certain characteristics of Canon’s design make it perform quite differently than a mechanical follow focus, so it is recommended that you read the User Guide and the Canon USB Protocol article.

The Okii FC1 USB Focus Controller gives the photo and video enthusiast a compact yet powerful device that enhances the capabilities of HD video enabled Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras. Like Canon’s EOS Utility, the FC1 uses Canon’s USB protocol to allow control of a wide range of functions, but without the limitations and bulk of being tethered to a computer. The device is handheld, weighing under 5 oz. including batteries, and less than 3" in diameter. It is connected to your camera with a standard mini-B to A USB cable, and can be used as a remote control or attached to a rig using a 1/4"-20 mount located on the back of the anodized aluminum enclosure.

The FC1 uses the autofocus motor in lenses to control focus, even while recording video. This also works in any Live View modes, which can be useful for photography. The HDMI output can still be used in tandem with the controller, so the use of an external monitor is still possible. The nine other switches located around the central focus knob can be used to access important camera functions, such as video start/stop, digital zoom, saving focus points, and adjusting camera settings. The FC1 works great as a remote control for a camera mounted on a crane or jib, giving both setting adjustment as well as focus control from the ground.

Lens Compatibility

  • All Canon, Sigma, and Tamron autofocus lenses are known to function.
  • Tokina lenses work, but can experience camera lock ups with the Canon 7D if the focus command rate is set faster than the lens is able to move the internal focus element.
  • Manual focus lenses will not have focus control, but other functions such as settings changes or video start/stop will work.
  • Please Note: The autofocus motor noise is audible to internal microphones on Canon cameras, especially if AGC (auto gain control) is enabled. It is strongly recommended that an external microphone be used in combination with the FC1 USB Focus Controller.
Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

The Okii FC1 is a very cool product. I typically don’t shoot too much video, but this focus controller makes me want to! There are a few different settings you have to tweak based on the lens/camera combination used, but it’s all laid out in the User Guide. Also, please, please take note. It does have it’s limitations, so make sure you take a look at the two links below!

You will have much better results with higher quality lenses, so L-series is the way to go. You can get by with lower end, but keep in mind the FC1 uses the AF motor inside the lens. If you’re trying to use a lens that doesn’t AF that great, it won’t work very well with the FC1. The ability to adjust camera settings from the device is awesome. With that addition, even landscape photographers should consider!

  • FC1 Focus Controller (batteries installed)
  • 5ft USB- mini-B to A
  • User Guide

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