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2013 Customer Survey

Published January 8, 2013

It’s that time again, survey time! Each year, the feedback we gather from our customers is invaluable in helping improve the service we offer you. We appreciate everyone’s time and thoughtfulness in filling out our survey. We’ll be giving away four $250 gift certificates at the end of the survey period (February 28th). Simply follow this link and fill out the survey.

Lensrentals 2013 Customer Survey

Author: Drew Cicala

Posted in Lensrentals News and Alerts
  • David Sharp

    I just wanted to mention that I have used LensRentals exclusively for all my lens rentals and I have never been disappointed by their great service and prices. The equipment always arrives on time, clean, and in great working condition. I have used their services when trying to decide which lens I may purchase next so it’s better to rent and try them out before you buy. When I am at the race track taking pictures I am always asked about the lens I am using, and people are always surprised to find out that you can rent lenses. It is much cheaper to rent a lens for those times when you need a little more reach or something special than purchasing one that sits most of the time at home because it’s too much lens for your project. So renting for me has been a cheap alternative to purchasing the big lenses. I will probably be renting the Nikon D4 before I make a purchase decision to verify if it’s worth the upgrade cost from my current Nikon D3s and D300.
    For those people that have never rented before, renting from LenRentals.com is a cheap alternative to the cost of purchasing and you always can rent the very latest versions of the equipment. I myself have no need to ever rent from another company because Lens Rentals.com has been a great company to work with and rent from. Keep up the great service guys, and Thank you for being there when I’ve needed you.


    P.S. I wish you guys still offered the 10% discount on your used lenses for renters who rented more than twice in a year. I could possibly see one of those Nikon 300mm F2.8 in my future.

  • Peter Stoffel

    I have not used Lensrentals to rent lens yet. But I found your site about three months ago and spent the next 3 weeks reading every blog post on the site. I am only taking this survey to drop you a quick note saying “thanks” for all of the great insight you have provided into an aspect of photography that has a lot of misinformation surrounding it. I feel so much wiser making my equipment purchasing decisions.

    Wishing the best for 2013!


    PS. I don’t suppose you could give me a hint when you expect a Sigma 70-200 with image stabilization to come up for sale on your sight? I wish I knew when you stocked them so I could figure out when two years would be coming up…

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