Photographic Techniques

Guide to Getting Started in Concert Photography


Summer is headed right for us, and with that comes Music Festival season, and tours that go straight into fall. With that being said, it sounds like I got a lot of work to do to prepare! Hey guys, my name is Terrence Blanton, a Music Photographer and creative from Spokane, WA up in the […]


Ten Products That Caught Our Attention at NAB 2018


This year’s National Association for Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas proved to be a good one for product announcements. With over 100,000 people in attendance, NAB has become a bit of a holiday for the gear savvy videographers, who are excited to see what new products are to be announced. As usual, we were there […]

Color Shifts in Cine Lenses

Geek Articles

Looking at Cine Lens Color Shifts Using Spectrometry


Please Note:¬†This is brand-new stuff that we’re publicly experimenting with. We post it because it’s fun and interesting and we usually get pertinent comments and criticisms that help us refine what we’re doing. For those of you who don’t science much, please remember¬†we’re still testing and improving this process. What we’ll look at today is […]

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