What Sensor Size is Best for You as a Videographer?


One of the most common questions our photo techs get is “What sensor size is best for me?” or some variation of that. “What does crop factor mean?” “What’s the equivalent focal length of that lens?” “Will I be able to get the look I’m going for with a smaller sensor?” And these questions totally […]

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #51 – Ask Lensrentals: Time Limits, Thicc Primes, and Third Party Lenses


Welcome back to one of our favorite types of episodes where we’re answering more of your questions about all things relating to photography and cinematography. Ryan is joined by Joey, who will be answering photo questions and for all things video we’ve got one of our video producers here too, Dom is back! We’ll cover everything from the history of Lensrentals, to why it’s so hard to find a decent video camera that shoots decent stills.


How Lens Adapters Work & Why You Should Try Them


With both Nikon and Canon switching out their DSLR markets for mirrorless platforms and offering up new lens mounts as a result, and with Sony and Fuji both developing great lenses for their platforms, a common question we get asked is about lens adapters.

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