Just MTF Charts: Rokinon / Samyang Lenses


I’m going to add some qualifications to the Rokinon / Samyang MTF post. First, the results are a mixture of both brands (which are identical except for the label). Lensrentals stocks mostly Rokinon labeled because of better (the bar is low here) service in the U.S., so the website calls them Rokinon. Our software calls them Samyang because Samyang Optics […]

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We’re Giving Away $12,000+ in Camera Gear


We’re excited to announce our ‘Everything but the Photographer’ giveaway, containing over $12K in prizes available to 5 lucky winners. Partnering with Sigma, B&H Photo & Video, Mac Group, Music Bed, Creative Live and more, we’re offering a top of the line camera set up with all the fixings. A breakdown of the prizes available […]


Biggest Video Product Announcements at NAB 2019


A few weeks ago, we posted about the biggest announcements within the photography world so far this year and teased that video announcements would be coming soon. After last week’s NAB Show, we’ve been hit with a long list of exciting new products, from cameras to lenses, to production suites. So we figured it was […]

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Just MTF Charts: Nikon Prime Lenses


We’ll continue our just MTF chart series of posts with the Nikon brand prime lenses. For those of you who have been asking, The Digital Picture is going to add all our MTF graphs to their comparison tool as we release them. That will let you do logical comparisons like ‘is the Sony 135mm f/1.8 […]

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Removing a Fly from ‘Weather Sealed’ Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II


I’ve been doing lens stuff for a long time now. Long time. Trust me; it’s hard to remain polite the 843,911th time some newbie goes into hysterics because there’s dust in their lens. Telling them it doesn’t matter a bit, and that all their other lenses have dust they just can’t see ( because different optics magnify […]

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