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How to Rent Camera Equipment

1. If this is your first time here let us tell you how it works. First, pick the gear you want. We have just about everything, way more than just lenses! You can rent a lens for your vacation or all the gear you need for your film set. We have everything from Canon and Sony to RED and Arri. If you can't find the gear you need, let us know!

2. After finding all your gear, move to the checkout and enter your information. How much does it cost? This will depend on the value of your gear and the amount of days you need it. Oh, and don't worry, we won't charge you until the day your order ships. We don’t even require a deposit.*
We also offer LensCap+ rental insurance to cover any mishaps, so you can rent worry free.

3. We will keep you updated via email, and you can check the status of your order at any time from your Lensrentals account page.

4. When you receive your gear and unpack it with care, you will find your receipt and a prepaid return shipping label. Now go out and get some shots!

5. When you’re ready to return our gear, all you have to do is repackage it, put the prepaid shipping label on the box, and mail it. That’s it!

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*All orders must meet verification requirements to reduce risk and keep prices low. We will contact you for any information needed.