Lensrentals Keeper

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Introducing direct purchasing! Keeper is no longer just a way to purchase your rental. Now, you can buy gear from us upfront. Just click ‘Buy’ in the top right hand corner of the product page to view stock and pricing information. Items are tested and rated for cosmetics, performance, and glass quality so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Questions about warranty, returns, etc? Check out our FAQs.

Keeper Test Drive

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Keeper Test Drive is now one of two ways to buy from Lensrentals! Take gear for a test drive rental and if you love it, keep it. We’ll even take up to 7 days of rental fees off the purchase price.
Just rent an eligible item, and then we’ll give you a starting purchase price based on the age of the copy we send you. You can handle the entire transaction with just a few clicks on our website (although we’d be more than happy to handle it over the phone if you are just dying to talk to one of our friendly customer service agents).

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What equipment is eligible?

How do I receive a quote for my rental?

What percentage of my rental fees do I get credited?

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