Lensrentals Keeper

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Saying goodbye can be the hardest part of any rental. With our new Keeper program, you can try it, then buy it!

Just rent an eligible item, and then we’ll give you a starting purchase price based on the age of the copy we send you. We’ll even give you a credit for a portion of the rental fees. Even better, you can handle the entire transaction with just a few clicks on our website (although we’d be more than happy to handle it over the phone if you are just dying to talk to one of our friendly customer service agents).

What equipment is eligible?

Almost all of our equipment is eligible. If it is impossible for us to get a quick replacement for a particular piece of gear, either because it is backordered or because our suppliers are slow to get us new copies, it may not be offered for sale. If you see a piece of equipment not offered for sale, just send us an email. In many cases, we just haven’t gotten around to updating the product to be eligible for sale.

If a product is eligible, it will have a badge underneath the rent button on its page.

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How do I receive a quote for my rental?

Just log-in to our site, and pull up your current rental. Each eligible item will have a Buy Now button.

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You’ll then receive your exact quote. You can approve the quote and we’ll bill your credit card on file, or you can decline the offer. Once you approve the offer, we’ll bill the card on file and send you a receipt. As always, if you’d rather talk to one of our friendly customer service agents and have them give you a quote and process the purchase, just give us a call!

How is the purchase price calculated?

It’s pretty simple actually. We take into account the retail price of the product, the price we can sell it for at the end of its run with us, and the current age of the copy you have in your possession. If the copy you have is on its very first rental, the price is going to be pretty close to the retail price, because, hey, it’s brand new! Likewise, if the copy you have is near the end of its rental life, it is going to be pretty close to the pricing you’d see at LensAuthority on our used gear.

That price is way too high! What’s up with that?

If you see a price that looks too high, it’s probably a mistake on our part. We’ve spent a lot of time developing formulas to give you real time price quotes, but we aren’t perfect. Retail prices are always fluctuating. We may have not updated our price to reflect a recent price change. Our formula might just be stupid in some way.

If you see a crazy price, please send an email to support@lensrentals.com – We’ll check on that price for you and adjust it if necessary.

What percentage of my rental fees do I get credited?

We’ll give you back 100% of the rental fees for up to a 7 day rental as a credit towards purchase. If your rental was longer than 7 days, we’ll give you the 7 day rental price as a credit, and 30% of the remaining rental fees you paid, as well.

No credit is given for amounts paid for the Lenscap and Lenscap+ protection plans. Lastly, we want to be clear this is a try-and-buy program; it’s not a rent-to-own program in the traditional sense. The price, after any credit for rental fees, will never dip much below 50% of the retail price of the equipment, so please don’t expect to extend a rental over and over again until the item is completely paid-off.

Can I apply the rental fees from past rentals or from one product to another?

No. You will only receive a credit for the rental fees paid for the particular copy that is being quoted, on this particular rental. If you rent 3 copies of an identical lens on one rental, you cannot use the rental fees paid for all 3 copies towards the purchase of a single copy. Likewise, if you have rented the same lens on 3 different rentals, you will only receive a credit for the fees paid on your current rental.

What is the return policy?

We’ll allow a return within the first 14 days, and we’ll issue a refund less the rental fees that would have been charged for the period you had the equipment.

What if I want an extended warranty or a retail box?

We can sell an extended warranty from CPS for a fee, and in many cases, we can also send you a retail box if you’ll cover the shipping costs. Just email us after your purchase if you’d like to do either of those, and we’ll take care of it.