History of Photography

How Potatoes and Gelatin Created Color Photography


Long ago, I wrote articles about the glory days of photography. The days when any photographer worth a damn dabbled in chemical explosives or Bitumen of Judea and spun off side gigs like Lionel toy trains or fashion clothing. Back then your competition didn’t dabble in stealing your photographs, they stole your patents and drank your milkshake. One of […]

Rocket Launch NASA Photography

Customer Stories

Photography Breakdown of the NASA Antares Rocket Launch


Ever since I started taking photos, the night sky has always attracted me. I utilize long exposures to capture objects in the sky that the naked eye could never see. I consider myself a modern-day astronomer with a focus on studying art within the universe. With a juxtaposition between terrestrial landscapes and cosmic objects, I hope to […]

Just MTF Charts

Just the MTF Charts: Micro 4/3 Lenses


Not a lot to say specifically about the m4/3 lenses except please don’t ask why your favorite isn’t on here; this is all I’ve got. Some of the newer m4/3 have linear electronic focusing which can’t be tested on the bench without a specialized, expensive mount and we don’t have one. Even for the ones […]

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