Selecting the Proper Brick Wall for Photographic Tests


Many amateurs test their lenses by taking pictures of the nearest brick wall without logically thinking about what information that particular wall provides. Done properly, a brick wall test can provide a superb evaluation of your lens. But a poorly done brick wall test is really no better than taking cat pictures without first measuring whisker length and diameter. […]

Podcast Episode Time Tested Gear

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #41 – Time Tested Gear


Today Ryan is joined by Roger and Joey, who are part of our in-house repair team, and they are among those who know the most about which photo gear breaks down more frequently and which are “bulletproof”. Lensrentals receives and inspects around 20,000 items a week and as careful as we and our customers try to be, it’s inevitable some of those items are going to break down. Today we’re recommending time-tested photo gear, and get to the bottom of why some products hold up better than others. But while we listen to this week’s episode, lets also talk about some of the discussions throughout the recording in a little more depth.


Five Ways to Shoot Portraits on a White Backdrop


When shooting portrait photography, you’re going to inevitably run into a white backdrop in some form or fashion. Whether it’s a roll of seamless paper, a backdrop made from a V-flat, a cyc wall, or even just a white wall, white backdrops are among the most common tools in portrait work. Despite its simple look, […]


The Battle of the Behemoths – Finding the Best Camera of 2021


Though time has felt like it has stopped over the last year, the last few months have given us some pretty exciting photography and videography products to look forward to. Though many of these cameras aren’t readily available, I felt it was something worth discussing regardless; in the effort to find the absolute best camera […]

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