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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #43 – Engineering the Shot with Nat Geo’s Tom O’Brien


In today’s episode of the Lensrentals Podcast, Ryan and Joey sit down and talk to National Geographic’s Photo Engineer Tom O’Brien. Like Joey, Ryan, and so many of the rest of the staff at Lensrentals, so many of us photographers got our interest in photography by looking through the pages of National Geographic when growing up. National Geographic has always gone above and beyond any competition, creating some of the greatest and most iconic images showing the world from its glossy pages.

Geek Articles

Understanding the Difference in Global and Rolling Shutters


When getting started on video, you may run into a common problem, with no easy explanation of what’s going on. During quick pans, your footage may look like jello, or when recording video of rotating objects, they may look like they’re rotating slower than they are, or not at all. These are all common problems […]

Customer Stories

How Josh Hasty has Carved His Corner in the Horror Genre


We rent out a lot of stuff, actively work as an intermediary to your creative projects, and get you the gear to help bring your vision to life. Every now and then, we get wind of the project you’re working on and think it’s worth promoting to our blog readers. We highlight these in a […]

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