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When I first picked up a camera 7 years ago, photography itself morphed into a ticket for exploring my various passions in life. Additionally, and more importantly, it serves as an avenue for sharing them with the hope of capturing the imaginations and curiosity of the world. My journey with this art has been quite the adventure thus far. From cutting my teeth in the automotive sector with some insane four-wheeled machinery, the speed and power of aviation, the tranquility of a dark night sky, and eventually making the space coast of Florida home in pursuit of capturing the intensity, passion, and engineering marvel that is spaceflight. With that, I believe that one day my photography will serve as my ticket to fly in space. An ordinary life will only leave you with ordinary stories.


Photographing a Rocket Launch…Remotely?


Photographing a rocket launch with remote cameras offers a unique perspective beyond what the public typically witnesses. While televised or streamed broadcasts often showcase the grandeur of a rocket ascending into the heavens, remote cameras can provide an intimate and intricate view of the launch as it happens from a more unique perspective – positioned […]

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Photographing the Largest Rocket Ever Flown


SpaceX, the trailblazing aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, continues to redefine the possibilities of space travel with its ambitious Starship program. The recently completed second integrated flight test of Starship Super Heavy marked a crucial milestone in the journey towards the company‚Äôs goal of interplanetary exploration and Mars colonization. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, […]

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