Testing the Best Ultra-Wide Lenses for the Perseids Meteor Shower


Meteor showers can be some of the most exciting celestial events to shoot, but they can also be quite the challenge to get a good meteor photo. With about ten years of practicing astrophotography and timelapse, one of the best lessons I’ve learned with increasing chances of a good meteor shot is: go wider, a […]

Customer Stories

How Nathan Armstrong Captures some of Music’s Biggest Performances


Here at, we have a vast inventory of gear and a staff of highly knowledgeable people to help you figure out what you might need for your upcoming shoot or production, but we rarely get insight into what you’re doing with the gear you rent. But now and then, we get some insight, and […]

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #44 – Komodo 101


Today is all about the RED Komodo. Workflows, pros and cons, accessories, Ryan, Dom, and Ally stop just short of writing a full love letter to this camera. Dom and Ally each spent some time using the Komodo leading up to this episode and spoiler, both of them were sad when it was time to return their rentals.

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