Canon RF Timeline


A Look at the Progression of the Canon Mirrorless Platform


The month of October marks the 3rd anniversary of the Canon EOS R line of cameras and lenses – a product lineup that they’ve poured a significant amount of attention and resources into in these three years. The initial announcement of Canon’s focus on their mirrorless platform was met with a lot of criticism, as […]

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #49 – What is Nightscape Photography? With Matthew Saville


Ryan and Joey are joined by nightscape photographer Matthew Saville today. Nightscape photography is the art of shooting landscapes at night with particular emphasis on stars. It’s separate from the more scientific astrophotography but shares many of the same challenges such as extremely low light, and very long exposure times. Optically it’s one of the most demanding types of photography imaginable. Just about any flaw in a lens is going to be more noticeable when shooting nightscapes so we’ll be covering Matthew’s go-to gear, how he decides what to take on a shoot, and his favorite techniques for capturing nightcaps.

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #48 – Ask Lensrentals: Filters, Finances, and the Future


Ryan, Roger, and Joey are back with more of your questions, and some of our own too. Ranging from where to eat when visiting New Orleans to what cameras and lenses and optical arts will look like 50 years from now, we’re coving a wide range of topics with mostly questions about lenses in the middle.

Among one of the many topics discussed is our rental policy, which admittedly can be confusing for first-time renters. Does the rental process start when I place the order, or when I receive the item? In short, the rental terms don’t include transit times – so your rental process starts when you sign for the package, and ends when it’s dropped back off at a shipment center. Among the other topics are the team’s thoughts on UV filters, and how it negatively affects lens sharpness, and how you need to manage that risk with the cost of a front element replacement if your lens was to break. We also discuss how to properly format memory cards, the broad differences in wide-angle lenses and telephoto lenses in portrait photography, and what we expect to see in the future lenses.

Insta360 One R Review

Lenses and Optics

The Insta360 One R is my Favorite Action Camera


Fundamentally, I’ve always sort of hated action cameras. Like so many others, I fell for the marketing push, and years ago, I bought myself a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, solely because of the amazing promotional video they put together to push the latest and greatest available in 2012. However, upon getting the camera, I […]

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