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Comparing the Leica M11 & Leica M11 Monochrom


Leica – a brand synonymous with German craftsmanship and quality, is also a brand associated with a high price, and if you’re in the right (or possibly wrong) circles, a lot of cynicism. While they’re a brand known for creating lenses with some of the highest quality optics available, they’ve also been known as a […]

Canon 24-70mm Comparisons

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Comparing Canon’s Best Mid-Range Zoom Lenses


With their introduction into mirrorless six years ago, Canon has had one of the most aggressive lens development periods in photographic history – averaging over six lenses each year to help fill out their RF series lens lineup. While there are still some holes in their lineup (most notably only recently getting an RF 35mm […]

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First Impressions With the Hasselblad CFV 100C


Hasselblad has certainly put its name in the ranks of legacy cameras – with over 180 years in the field of photography. From their work in manufacturing surveillance cameras during World War II, to their time on board the Apollo 8 – Hasselblad has found themselves at many of the significant moments in history over […]

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The Ten Biggest Announcements at NAB 2024


The National Association of Broadcasters show (commonly called NAB) is a bit like an annual Christmas for cinematographers and videographers. As one of the largest trade shows in the world, NAB is where all the major manufacturers meet and show off their latest products and technological advancements in the videography field. Because of NAB, the […]

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Lensrentals Acquires BorrowLenses


We have some exciting news to share with you today! Our inventory just got a major upgrade as we recently acquired select assets of the BorrowLenses business, an online marketplace for photo and video equipment rental. With this acquisition, we have expanded our already industry-leading inventory of photo/video gear even further, offering you access to […]

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