Strobe Photography Rentals


Wireless Trigger Options Available for Strobe Photography


When you first get into photography, one of the first tools your peers will tell you to buy is a flash. When you first buy your flash, one of the first things your peers will tell you to buy is a trigger system to get that flash off the camera. This endless cycle will continue […]

Canon Cine Lenses MTF Charts

Just MTF Charts

Just the Cinema Lens MTF Charts: Canon and Sigma


We’re going to continue the Cinema prime MTFs with the Canon and Sigma lenses. Again, we’re not going in any particular order, other than what we have handy and what fits reasonably into a single post. Since these are among our most popular cinema lenses, we do generally have at least a 10-copy set for each. […]

Xeen MTF Tests

Just MTF Charts

Just the Cinema Lens MTF Charts: Xeen and Schneider


We’ve completed the MTF postings for all of the photo prime lenses. Now we’re going to start with the Cinema primes. For a lot of those that also have a photo version, the optics should be identical. That’s not always the case, however. Plus, the people interested in Cinema lenses aren’t usually the ones interested […]

History of Photography

How Potatoes and Gelatin Created Color Photography


Long ago, I wrote articles about the glory days of photography. The days when any photographer worth a damn dabbled in chemical explosives or Bitumen of Judea and spun off side gigs like Lionel toy trains or fashion clothing. Back then your competition didn’t dabble in stealing your photographs, they stole your patents and drank your milkshake. One of […]

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