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How Your Camera’s Focus Bracketing System Works


For many years, photographers have had focus-stacking programs like Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker. You can now get the capability in some general-purpose image editors like Lightroom and Capture One Pro. Focus stacking software takes as input a series of images of the same subject with the focal plane in a different place in each […]

Photography Advanced Lighting Techniques

Photographic Techniques

Advanced Photography Lighting Techniques – Feathering & Zooming


Lighting within photography holds a reality – It’s easy to understand, but really takes years to master. As such, you end up seeing a progression with photographers who start using studio strobes that looks very similar to the Dunning Kruger effect chart – where they figure out basic principles, think they’re a lighting expert, and […]


Shooting Anamorphic on the RED V-Raptor


Recently, my team and I got a proposal to make a music video for an alternative rock band. Their pitch boiled down to essentially “a throwback to 70’s/80’s horror movies, but with modern production values.” We went back and forth on a few ideas regarding aspect ratios, cameras, lenses, camera movement, and lighting. After deliberating, […]

Photography And Videography Resources


Five Resources of Inspiration and Education in Photography & Videography for 2023


Finding inspiration for your photography or videography can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when the knowledge and potential resources can feel overwhelming and endless. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tips and ideas will help you rejuvenate your passion, skills, and knowledge for videography and photography and take your […]

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