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Just the Cinema MTF Charts: Tokina and Veydra Primes


The Zeiss post was really long, this one is pretty short. I will mention again, these are less than 10 copy averages; we don’t carry a lot of these lenses. But there’s no MTF data elsewhere for them, so I will put out what we have. A Quick How to on Reading MTF Charts If […]

Veydra Lens Testing MTF Sharpness


Veydra Cine Mini Prime MTF Optical Bench Tests


I have my preconceived notions, just like anyone else. A long while back the video techs told me we were stocking Veydra Primes in multiple focal lengths for m4/3 mounts. I just rolled my eyes and passed on by. Another boutique lens that would have poor resolution, ridiculous copy-to-copy variation, and a shelf-life-until-broken measured in weeks. Not interested. […]

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