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I'm Roger and I am the founder of Hailed as one of the optic nerds here, I enjoy shooting collimated light through 30X microscope objectives in my spare time. When I do take real pictures I like using something different: a Medium format, or Pentax K1, or a Sony RX1R.


Yet Another Post About My Issues With UV Filters


Yes, I’m sick of filter articles, too. But I come today not to educate you, but to mock others. Because yes, people continue to try to save a few bucks by putting a cheap filter in front of their $1,000 lens. And also because they buy what they think are good filters off of Fleabay or […]

Geek Articles

MTF Lens Tests of the New Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 SP Di VC USD G2


There’s been a bit of rumbling lately about the new Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 zoom. Not just because it is a frontrunner in the 2017 Most Initials in the Name Award, but because a lot of people are saying it’s really quite good. The previous Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 was a good lens, but since they only […]

Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8


A Quick Look at the New Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 MTF Charts


Announced from Zeiss today was the new Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8. You guys know I don’t like putting out MTF charts on less than 10-copy averages, but we had a chance to grab a Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 prototype lens for a couple of days, so I tested it. And since we certainly aren’t going […]

Humor and sarcasm

Roger’s Random Photography Marketing Generator


Somedays I get bored with testing. Somedays I have to read new product release blurbs and get nauseous. And somedays I find something funny on the internet. All three of these happened the other day, which led to me randomly corresponding with Seb Pearce about my thoughts that today’s photography marketing blurbs were so boring they […]

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