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Turn Love into Loot!

Published August 6, 2015


We want to hear from you! Share your Lensrentals story and complete a quick customer survey and you’ll be entered to win your choice of a Sony A7s, Canon 5Ds, or Nikon D810!

Click here to enter!

Entries accepted through August 31, 2015. Must be a legal resident of the United States to win. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.

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  • TAC

    So, who won?

  • Scott ONeal

    Just checking to see if you’ve announced the winner yet! Have a great day 🙂

  • Srinivas Posinasetty

    I have been renting from lensrentals.com for a long time… I have always had good experience… great place to rent camera gear.


  • William

    Filled out the survey and shared my experience, thanks again!

  • I’ve rented exactly 23 times from you guys since starting in February 2013. I ran across you guys on Google back then when I was curious on trying the GH3 when it came out. I’ve had nothing but Great experiences since then. I’ve built an arsenal of Mirrorless gear since then which includes the EM1 & lenses like the Nocticron & Olympus 40-150mm Pro with Teleconverter. What I have enjoyed the most on this photography journey is the ability to rent the latest & greatest gear in a simplistic format with a few clicks. Every camera & lens I have bought since is because renting from here @ lensrentals. Everything is transparent on this site from chat to order. Photography for me is a therapy and passion all mixed in one. I mostly shoot nature photography but am slowly moving toward FF because of the Sony A7s & *new A7RII cameras Awesome IQ and dynamic range for street and portrait and the fact that FF @ the end of the day has that WOW factor.

  • Scott ONeal

    WOW, a Nikon D810, I could never afford one of those! That would eb a sweet win!

  • If I win I would like the 5Ds please. Actually… you should pick which camera the winners get. If you gave me the Sony or the Nikon, it would probably pay for itself because I would need to rent so many lenses. Thanks for giving me at least a chance to win.


  • Randall Dalton

    I had my eye on the Nikon 800e when I first heard of it. But I wasn’t certain I wanted to lay down that kind of money just then. LensRentals had it, so it allowed me to rent one and I spent several days with it and in particular a number of hours at an incredible site and got some of my favorite pictures ever. Needless to say, that opportunity convinced me to move ahead with the purchase and I have been enjoying that camera since then. I even have plans on a mirror less rental to see how that systems feels and works for me. I appreciate the service you provide very much and am thankful for it and the staff you have.


  • Rich Gregson

    I have rented twice from LensRentals and both times were great experiences. The online reservation system is easy to use, the lens arrived when expected, the lens worked wonderfully, and returning the lens in the provided boxes could not be easier. When I had a question about needing to switch from one lens to another because of availability, I received a complete and honest explanation where time was taken to address my questions. I see no reason to consider renting anywhere else. Good service gets repeat customers …

  • When you start out with an idea, but don’t have the means to execute it, you can get pretty down on your self relatively quickly. I started my business about 5 years ago and all I had was a plan. I had no money to buy a fancy camera that could do all the tricks and shots I wanted to create, nor could I afford the lenses I’d need to pull all this off. Enter Lensrentals.com and their amazing business model. You guys have basically allowed me to pursue what I love. Being able to rent gear has allowed me to grow the business while not taking on any unnecessary overhead costs. Without you guys, I could not have quit a day job and taken a chance on myself to do what I love and share my craft with others. If you take a minute to look at our comments on our website, you can see that not only have you helped me to do what I love, but you have helped hundreds of clients to have memories that will last a lifetime. I love your service and will always be a faithful client!


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