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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #2 – How Indie Memphis Runs a Film Festival

Published September 26, 2019

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In-depth Discussion with Ryan & Brighid of Indie Memphis Film Festival:

In this episode of the Lensrentals.com Podcast, video tech and film lover Ryan Hill sits down and chats with Indie Memphis Executive Director Ryan Watt & Director of Operations Brighid Wheeler. In their discussion, they talk about what the Indie Memphis Film Festival is, how to get involved, and the excitement that is brewing for October 30th till November 4th. For more information about Indie Memphis Film Festival, be sure to check out their website.

Indie Memphis Film Festival

Indie Memphis Film Festival is a 22-year-long running film festival that takes place in the heart of downtown Memphis each year. This transformative film festival turns the city into a melting pot of creativity for filmmakers, musicians, artists, and anyone else every year. With over 275+ films shown last year alone, Indie Memphis Film Festival has been named one of the top 25 coolest film festivals by MovieMaker Magazine and continues to grow in size and scope each year.

Lensrentals Podcast

The festival brings a range of independent features, documentaries, and short films to Memphis from all corners of the world. Weeknight screenings are featured in a variety of venues and areas of the city, and are intermittent by live music from some of Memphis’ best local bands. This year, the Indie Memphis Film Festival is set to take place from October 30 – November 4, 2019.

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Spotlight on Nathan Ross Murphy
Nathan Ross Murphy is a video tech at Lensrentals. Outside of his day job, you can find Nathan directing, producing, acting and doing whatever needs to happen for his films to come to life.

IG: nathanrossmurphy
Production company IG: nimbus_pictures


1:00 – Introductions and background for Ryan and Brighid’s experience with Indie Memphis Film Festival

2:15 – Ryan Hill explains what the Indie Memphis Film Festival is and the history of the event

5:00 – Ryan and Brighid discuss the increase in diversity of filmmakers submitting to Indie Memphis Film Festival

6:10 – Discussing the program scope of each year and iteration of the Indie Memphis Film Festival

9:00 – Discussing the implementation of live and local music between each category screening

11:30 – Brighid discusses her favorite category – short film, and how it shows restraint within the film medium

15:05 – Finding volunteers and training them for a film festival

20:00 – Discussing the size and scope of the Indie Memphis Film Festival

21:35 – Brighid and Ryan talk about their favorite events from the Indie Memphis Film Festival

26:00 – Finding opportunities as a filmmaker at the Indie Memphis Film Festival

29:00 – Spotlight on Nathan Ross Murphy

32:00 – The future of Indie Memphis and the programs developed to help the project grow and evolve

33:45 – Indie Memphis’ plan to open up their own theatre space within Memphis

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