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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #3 – How to Shoot Your First Wedding

Published October 3, 2019

Each week Roger Cicala, founder of Lensrentals.com, hosts conversations about the art and science of capturing images. From photography to videography, film, history, and technology, the show covers a wide range of topics to educate and inspire creators of all kinds.

Discussion with Joey Miller on Photographing Your First Wedding:

In this episode of the Lensrentals.com Podcast, founder Roger Cicala sits down with Lensrentals.com Senior Lens Technician Joey Miller to talk about wedding photography and what you need to know to get started in the field. From what gear you should have, to the proper etiquette and dress code, Roger and Joey talk about all aspects of shooting your first wedding.

Joey Miller assisted at his first wedding in 2008. He’s been shooting weddings in the Memphis area ever since – both as an assistant to several high-end shooters in the area and as a primary shooter. He’s shot on pretty much everything in the Lensrentals inventory and even shot a couple of weddings on nothing but instant film.

Gear Mentioned in this Podcast:

Spotlight on Sam Leathers
Sam Leathers is a senior video technician at Lensrentals.com. Sam along with his team work together and make sure the orders placed have all the gear they need. Sam also works at a production company called Studio 143 in Memphis, TN, where he shoots music videos, documentary films, and other video productions. Sam really likes the versatility of the Shuttle Dolly and the Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate with add-on grips while shooting with a Panasonic Varicam.

IG https://www.instagram.com/samleathers/
Website: www.SamLeathers.22slides.com
Studio One Four Three: https://onefourthree.co/
Studio One Four Three on IG: https://www.instagram.com/studio.onefourthree/


00:20 – Introductions to Joey Miller and Roger Cicala

00:45 – Roger and Joey discuss the options on how to get started in wedding photography

02:00 – What the requirements for a second shooter are at a wedding

03:00 – Joey and Roger discuss what gear is needed for a wedding photographer

05:00 – Joey discusses how he’s shot an entire wedding on a 50-year-old film camera

05:40 – Joey and Roger talk about the necessities of backups when shooting weddings

6:00 – The importance of scouting the location prior to the wedding ceremony, and understanding the rules of each location

8:05 – Roger and Joey talk about their absolute favorite lenses when shooting a wedding

9:15 – Joey talks about what lenses you shouldn’t use at a wedding

11:20 – Finding your uniqueness and using unconventional gear to stand out in the competitive market

13:40 – Finding a great lighting kit for weddings

22:45 – What additional things you should keep in your camera bag?

23:40 – Joey discusses wedding etiquette, and what you should wear when photographing a wedding

24:30 – Joey and Roger talk about the dreaded beach wedding, and how to protect your gear while on the beach

28:50 – Making sure you have your second shooter equipped with the needed gear, getting second angles

30:30 – Joey tells you a horror story as to why you should always back up your data immediately following the wedding

The Lensrentals Podcast is a production of Lensrentals, founded by Roger Cicala. Our production staff includes Drew Cicala, Ryan Hill, Sarah McAlexander, SJ Smith, Julian Harper, John Tucker, and Zach Sutton. Other contributors include Roger Cicala, Joey Miller, Ally Aycock Patterson, Joshua Richardson, and Philip Robertson.

Thanks to Jacques Granger for our theme song.

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  • John Dillworth

    Wait a minutes, this was a podcast about how to use the correct equipment in the real world! The correct focal length for certain shots, specific tips about lighting,practical, useful information? What fresh hell is this? Really enjoyed this. Please do more podcasts about real work applications and the best equipment for it. thanks

  • Ryan Hill

    Hi JP,

    We’re definitely planning on doing some Q&A episodes as soon as we have enough questions to answer. If you want further info on any topic at all, leave us a voicemail at 901-609-LENS, or an e-mail at podcast@lensrentals.com

  • JP

    Hi Roger and co.,
    Really enjoying these new podcast insights. Any chance you could let us know topics ahead of time and submit questions to be asked on the Podcast?

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