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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #21 – How to Make the Most of a Small Crew

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How to Make the Most of a Small Crew

Jem Schofield is a producer, DP and educator and the founder of theC47, a full-service production company that focuses on video production, filmmaking, consulting & education. Jem spends most of his time producing content, educating others and joins Ryan to discuss how to prepare for small to no crew productions, the essential roles that need to be filled, and when to hire out for specialists.

Check out Jem’s YouTube channel, LinkedIn Group, and website theC47.com.

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00:30 – Introduction to Ryan Hill and Jem Schofield

01:20 – Jem gives his background in working with small crews for film productions

01:45 – Ryan and Jem discuss what constitutes a small crew in the modern filmmaker era

04:45 – Ryan shares his stance that DITs are incredibly important on small crews

7:30 – Ryan and Jem talk about the importance of the pre-production phase

8:30 – Jem talks about the importance of creating honest proposals and estimates

11:30 – How to properly manage client expectations and how it correlates to the budget.

18:00 – Ryan gives Jem a scenario with a small crew to help determine what roles would be delegated where.

23:00 – How newer technology helps smaller crews immensely

25:00 – BREAK

25:40 – Jem talks about his work with LED panels

27:00 – Using LED panels in conjunction with fresnel lens lights

28:00 – Jem talks about his partnership with Westcott, and the development of the C47 DP kit

31:00 – Jem talks about all the different camera systems he uses in his productions


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