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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #57 – How the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye Could Change VR

Published May 12, 2022

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How the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye Could Change VR

On today’s episode of the Lensrentals Podcast, we’re doing something a little different and talking about a single piece of gear – the Canon RF 5.2 Dual Fisheye lens for VR applications. We’ve decided to give a full episode on this lens for a couple of different reasons – one, there is a lot to cover in both the lens itself as well as the VR workflow associated with it. Secondly, it’s a groundbreaking product in a new and emerging market, and we want to highlight the innovation and gusto needed to create such a product.

So listen in today as Ryan and Dom talk about their experiences with the lens, what the workflow looks like when shooting 180-degree VR, and some of their frustrations with Canon’s choice to go into a subscription model for their VR stitching software. Shooting in VR can be a complicated and cumbersome task, but Canon has made is easier than ever with the introduction of this lens, and we’re excited to see what it does to help push the VR world further into the spotlight.

Gear Mentioned In this Episode:


0:40 – Introduction to Ryan and Dom from Lensrentals
1:45 – Dom describes his experience with the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye Lens for some Youtube videos he did.
3:00 – Dom explains how he’s a newbie in the production side of VR, and how the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye is a great entry point for people who are interested in VR.
4:30 – What cameras does the 5.2mm Dual Fisheye work with? Ryan explains why the R5 is the exclusive camera for the 5.2mm Dual Fisheye (so far).
7:30 – What is the purpose of VR (both 180-degree and 360-degree) and who is doing it best?
9:15 – What is the shooting experience with the Canon 5.2mm lens? Is there anything you need to know when shooting with this system?
12:00 – Why Dom & Ryan recommends using either a gimbal or tripod when shooting with the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye.
14:45 – Break
15:30 – Ryan and Dom get into the nitty-gritty of post-production when shooting in VR – both in Premiere Pro and Canon’s Utility.
18:00 – Ryan and Dom share their complaints about Canon’s choice of a subscription model for the VR software.
20:00 – Dom walks through the workflow of exporting the footage for viewing into a VR headset.
25:00 – Dom discusses how to upload videos on Youtube, Facebook, and every other major video platforms.
29:30 – Ryan and Dom discuss their experience in terms of image quality when using the Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye.
32:00 – The new Canon 5.2mm Dual Fisheye makes shooting in VR easier than ever before.

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  • DrJon

    Hi – I don’t see the links to the videos?
    Also would I be correct in assuming that the R5c would be a better choice of camera if you’re shooting a lot of 8k – I assume it supports the lens, although it does have the different video menus, so have they got it sorted?
    Thanks, it was interesting…

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