Lenses and Optics

Fast Lenses: A Primer


by Stephen Michael Garey What is a Fast Lens? A fast lens is any lens of any type and focal length that has an aperture design capable of opening to f/2.8 or wider. There are fast lenses currently available that open as wide as f/1.2, and there are any number of popular lenses that open […]

Roger's Corner

Thoughts on Micro 4/3


Over the last month I’ve spent a lot of time with the new Micro 4/3s cameras: I took a Panasonic G-1 on vacation a few weeks ago, spent a week shooting the Olympus E-P1 with various lenses and adapters, and then this last weekend took the new Panasonic GH-1 out with the 14-140mm kit lens. […]

Photographic Techniques

Getting Sharp Telephoto Images


You want to know what the most common cause of photographer disappointment is? Absolutely, positively the most common? Its the photographer who just came back from a special trip — a safari, a wildlife adventure, birding, maybe even whale watching — with 762 blurry telephoto pictures. We talk to someone at least once every week […]


Comparing Supertelephotos: Sony and Olympus


We wanted people who have never handled supertelephoto lenses to be able to gauge their size and weight. We compared Canon Supertelephoto lenses and Nikon Supertelephotos already, so here’s a comparison of Sony Supertelephoto lenses: And here’s a comparison of Olympus Supertelephoto lenses: Enjoy! Mike Henry Lensrentals.com


SLR Video Accessories


By now a lot of you have tried your hand at shooting a little video on one of the new HD video enabled SLR camera, and a lot more of you are thinking about it. Many of you who tried a little video shooting probably came to the same realization that I did—its pretty fun, […]

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