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Lensrentals Top New Products 2020


Best New Photo & Video Products of 2020


A week or so ago, we put out our annual comprehensive list of rental data, where we hare which products in the photo and video industry rented best, and compare it to previous years to mark various market metrics. What we found is to be expected – mirrorless cameras are slowly taking over the DSLR […]

Podcast Episode

The Lensrentals Podcast Bonus Episode – 2020 Gear in Review: Bests and Busts


Yesterday, we shared a plethora of information regarding what rented the most and market trends in various categories. But rental quantity doesn’t always indicate favorite products for the year. So Ryan, Roger, Ally, and Zach sat down to talk about their two favorite products from this year, and their biggest busts. Listen along as each of them shares their experiences testing how a large variety of gear for their work, and sharing customer experiences along the way.

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