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Xeen MTF Tests

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Just the Cinema Lens MTF Charts: Xeen and Schneider


We’ve completed the MTF postings for all of the photo prime lenses. Now we’re going to start with the Cinema primes. For a lot of those that also have a photo version, the optics should be identical. That’s not always the case, however. Plus, the people interested in Cinema lenses aren’t usually the ones interested […]

Stopped down MTF Tests of cineLenses

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Testing Lenses: Stopped-Down MTF Curves


For quite a while now we’ve been publishing our MTF curves. They’ve always been the same thing; at least ten copies of each lens, in 4 rotations, and measured at the widest aperture. The reasons for that are (to us) very straightforward. Our purpose in doing the tests is to establish reasonable expectations, learn what type […]

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