6 Responses to “Reserve Early - Save 10%”

Michael said:

Edie, no it doesn't work for any order arriving 3/1 or later. As for softbox, it depends on what sort of flash/strobe you'll be using, feel free to contact our Photo techs at 901-754-9100 and they can get you the proper recommendation based on what gear you're using.

Edie said:

I need to borrow a really nice softbox---do you have any suggestions.

Edie said:

so this does not work for the 2nd of March?

Aaron said:

Ah, thank you. Didn't see that box with my payment information being pre-populated. I'd recommend they add that box separately, not linked to payment information. A small annoyance, but I did have to re-type my payment information in after 'editing' it.

andrew said:

You put it in special instructions.
I picked the wrong month by accident. It says "Invalid"
But when i corrected my order. It didn't say invalid. But there was no discount either.

Aaron said:

I'm looking around on the Checkout page...and I'm failing to see a box to put the code into. Help!

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