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Black Friday Deals

Published November 25, 2013

It’s time for our 4th Annual Black Friday Sale. This year, we are getting the party started early, 10 AM CT on Wednesday. You can get 25% off any rental placed at Lensrentals.com during the sale.

At our sister site, LensAuthority.com, we’ll be giving you 10% off all used equipment. We also have some great doorbusters. And this year, we listened to you, and will be offering at least 6 copies of each doorbuster for sale, increasing your chances of being able to snag one.

To get your 25% off rentals at Lensrentals.com or to get 10% off your used gear purchases at LensAuthority.com, simply use the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY

Used Gear Sale Details

  • All used gear purchases take place on our sister site, LensAuthority.com
  • Sale begins at 10:00 AM CT on Wednesday, November 27th and ends at 11:59 PM CT on December 2nd.
  • New items will be added during the sale, so if you don’t see what you want, check back. Even better, send us an email about what you are looking for and we may be able to post a copy just for you.
  • Must use promo code BLACKFRIDAY to receive the 10% discount
  • Doorbusters are priced as listed, and not eligible for the 10% discount
  • Doorbusters will be posted at 10:00 AM CT on Wednesday. At least 6 copies of each doorbuster will be available


IMPORTANT: It is not possible for our system to hold an available copy for you while you checkout. Until you complete checkout, it is still possible for us to sell out of the product you are trying to buy. It is important to create a LensAuthority.com account ahead of time, and log-in before the sale begins to ensure you can finish checkout as quickly as possible.

Rental Discount Details

  • Discount begins at 10:00 AM CT on Wednesday, November 27th and ends at 11:59 PM CT on December 2nd.
  • Orders must be placed during the sale period to be eligible to receive the discount
  • Orders can be placed for any arrival date, as long as you actually place the order during the sale. Feel free to reserve the gear you’ll need in 2014 now, and take advantage of this deal.
  • Must use promo code BLACKFRIDAY to receive the 25% discount
  • Limit – 2 unique rentals per person

Author: Drew Cicala

Posted in Lensrentals News and Alerts
  • Spencer Leung

    I applied the Black Friday discount to my rental however it didn’t discount anything? Can you confirm?

  • Michael Zaplatosch

    I just placed on order but couldn’t find the Promo Code box. Please apply the Black Friday discount for me.

  • Michael Zaplatosch

    I just placed an order, but saw nowhere to put the Promo code for black friday? I clicked continue thinking it was on the screen, but it placed the order without the discount.

  • I just made a reservation, but was not able to locate a promo code entry location. Please apply the Black Friday discount to my retal.

  • Drew Cicala

    Casey, since your order has already billed & shipped, I can’t apply the code. I can, however, apply it to your account as a credit good for a future rental, which I’ve gone ahead and done.

  • Drew Cicala

    It isn’t charged until the day we ship the order.

  • Kenny

    As Tom mentioned, you enter the promo code in the Special Instructions box located under the Payment Info box. If the system saves your info, you can just click the “Edit Info” box and it will appear.

  • Joe Parisi

    When is your credit card charged with a future rental ?

  • Tom Murray

    Posting the answer to my own 25% rental discount code question above: ANSWER: Just type in BLACKFRIDAY into “Special Instructions” box and the discount will appear when you hit checkout.

  • Luke

    I’m having a hard time finding the box to input the promo code. Is that because my billing info is already on file? Everything is already populated in the shipping/billing fields, but I don’t see a place for the code.

  • Tom Murray

    Where do you enter the promo code for a lens rental discount at check out? There does not appear to be a pop up or entry window to type the code in when the final price is displayed.

  • During the checkout process, where do you enter the promo code?

  • Casey Floyd

    I reserved a BlackMagic camera + SSD for arrival on 12/2/13, I read somewhere I could apply codes to rentals after they have been placed?

  • Drew Cicala

    Richard, I went ahead and added the discount to your order. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Richard Bergey

    I have a reservation for a 600mm lens and a D4 camera body the week of 2-19-14. I would like to take advantage of your Black Friday discount. Will you apply this to my current reservation or should I cancel and then place the order on Friday?

    Richard Bergey

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