Technical Discussions

Comparing Supertelephotos: Canon and Nikon


We wanted people who have never handled supertelephoto lenses to be able to gauge their size and weight. So, here’s a comparison of Canon Supertelephoto lenses: And here’s a comparison of Nikon Supertelephoto lenses: Enjoy! Mike Henry More Lensrentals Articles


Supporting Supertelephoto Lenses


Take a look at a video we put together to explain the different options people have to support their supertelephoto lenses. Enjoy! Mike Henry More Lensrentals Articles

Lenses and Optics

Have You Seen My Acutance?


Have you seen my acutance? A few words about sharpness and MTF charts Many of you know one of my pet peeves is strident internet arguments between photographers who are splitting hairs or misinformed. One major cause of these arguments is terminology: people use a nonspecific term which means something different to each of them. […]


Choosing a Ballhead


My last blog was about choosing tripod legs, now we’ll move on to choosing a ballhead to complete the package. One thing to get out of the way first: I’m not going to consider pan-tilt heads (the ones with handles that stick out that you twist and rotate, often seen offered in eBay ‘package deals’—Comes […]

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