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Guide to Getting Started in Concert Photography


Summer is headed right for us, and with that comes Music Festival season, and tours that go straight into fall. With that being said, it sounds like I got a lot of work to do to prepare! Hey guys, my name is Terrence Blanton, a Music Photographer and creative from Spokane, WA up in the […]

Landscape Photography tutorial


Guide to Wilderness Photography and Timelapse Filming


Whenever I get back from a big adventure, friends ask how it went. Inevitably I must answer, “it involved lots of misery and sleep-deprivation, but I think some of the pictures turned out.” …If this sounds familiar, you might be a wilderness landscape and nightscape photographer. This article is about my adventures over the years, […]

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Guide to Photographing The Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017


On August 21st, 2017, a solar eclipse will be happening throughout the United States, which has created a lot of excitement and questions from our readers and customers. As a result, I wanted to put together a small guide on how to properly and safely photograph this incredibly rare event. Let’s get out and photograph […]

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