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Introducing Lensrentals HD

Published March 18, 2013

A constant wish amongst our customers is cheaper shipping. Today, we’re happy to announce our new subscription shipping program. This program will allow our customers to rent whatever they want, whenever they want, without having to worry about high shipping prices.

What is LensRentals HD?

LensRentals HD is a shipping discount program. By signing up, you’ll get free Standard Shipping on all the orders you place for one year, and you’ll even save 50% on all FedEx Overnight shipping.

No items are excluded from the program: if we carry it, we’ll ship it free. Need a jib in Los Angeles? It’s free. Need 10 tripods in Miami? Totally free.

Who is LensRentals HD For?

Everyone that wants cheaper shipping to the contiguous US. (Sorry HI & AK!)

At only $79 a year, LensRentals HD makes sense for everyone. Only rent a few small orders per year? You’ll still save money with LensRentals HD. You only expect to place a single large order this year? You’ll still save. You rent all the time? You’ll save even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Standard Shipping?

    Standard Shipping is the most cost-effective FedEx service that will arrive by your selected arrival date — assuming there is a FedEx service that can arrive by that date other than FedEx Overnight. Standard Shipping may take the form of FedEx Ground, FedEx Express Saver or FedEx 2nd Day Air.

  • What about UPS?

    Because we only ship via UPS upon customer request, we do not have sufficient volume to offer LensRentals HD on UPS shipments. If you select a UPS shipping service, you will receive no LensRentals HD discount.

  • Can I share my LensRentals HD subscription?

    For now, we are unable to allow a single LensRentals HD subscription to be shared across multiple accounts. However, some businesses with multiple employee accounts may qualify for special pricing. Please contact us for more details.

  • Can I cancel LensRentals HD?

    You can cancel LensRentals HD before your first discounted order is shipped. Once your first discounted order is shipped, LensRentals HD is non-refundable.

Author: Drew Cicala

Posted in LensRentals News and Alerts
  • from when you sign up

  • Kris Petersen


    Is this offer 1 year from when we sign up, or one year starting in January?


  • Heather, yes it does

  • Heather A Heigel

    Does this cover return shipping as well

  • I’m super bummed that Alaska is not included, even though shipping rates are the same to here as they are to most places in the lower-48. T_T

  • Laura

    Does this program include my return shipping too?

  • Ben

    I get my packages shipped to work, Fedex Express Saver delays packages by multiple days. Is there a way to specify NOT to use that shipping if an HD member? This would be a deciding factor for me. i.e. I order to have a Wednesday arrival at work, it would not arrive until Friday. thanks

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