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Introducing Lensrentals HD

Published March 18, 2013


What is LensRentals HD?

LensRentals HD is a shipping discount program. By signing up, you’ll get free Standard Shipping on all the orders you place for one year, and you’ll even save 50% on all FedEx Overnight shipping.

No items are excluded from the program: if we carry it, we’ll ship it free. Need a jib in Los Angeles? It’s free. Need 10 tripods in Miami? Totally free.

Who is LensRentals HD For?

Everyone that wants cheaper shipping to the contiguous US. (Sorry HI & AK!)

At only $99 a year, LensRentals HD makes sense for everyone. Only rent a few small orders per year? You’ll still save money with LensRentals HD. You only expect to place a single large order this year? You’ll still save. You rent all the time? You’ll save even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Standard Shipping?

    Standard Shipping is the most cost-effective FedEx service that will arrive by your selected arrival date — assuming there is a FedEx service that can arrive by that date other than FedEx Overnight. Standard Shipping may take the form of FedEx Ground, FedEx Express Saver or FedEx 2nd Day Air.

  • What about UPS?

    Because we only ship via UPS upon customer request, we do not have sufficient volume to offer LensRentals HD on UPS shipments. If you select a UPS shipping service, you will receive no LensRentals HD discount.

  • Can I share my LensRentals HD subscription?

    For now, we are unable to allow a single LensRentals HD subscription to be shared across multiple accounts. However, some businesses with multiple employee accounts may qualify for special pricing. Please contact us for more details.

  • Can I cancel LensRentals HD?

    You can cancel LensRentals HD before your first discounted order is shipped. Once your first discounted order is shipped, LensRentals HD is non-refundable.


Author: Drew Cicala

Posted in Lensrentals News and Alerts
  • David

    Are previous shipping charges applied toward the annual fee, or must the first shipment for the calendar year include the $79 membership pre-paid?

  • mrc4nl

    If only Europe could have a lensrentals service, offererings here in the Netherlands are not more than a couple of Nikon or Canon lenses ,fullfframe body’s and flashes. No sigma or sony love. even calumet is relatively poor.

  • Roger Cicala


    Unfortunately we are legally considered to have a nexus in every state in which we have rental equipment, which is every state. (The original decision was concerning Netflix, but it applied to every rental company in the U. S.) So we are considered not just a TN merchant, but are a registered merchant in every other state too.

    So we do exactly what we are supposed to do with the out-of-state receipts: send a check to every state every month.

  • Erik

    Drew, you are only required to collect sales tax for customers residing in states in which your business has a physical presence as per US and TN law. Directly quoted from the TN state government’s website:
    “Should a Tennessee dealer selling merchandise through the Internet collect sales tax?
    When a Tennessee dealer accepts an order through the Internet and delivers a product to a Tennessee customer, the charge is subject to sales or use tax. If the Tennessee dealer delivers a product to a consumer located in another state, the sale is not subject to Tennessee sales or use tax.”


    What exactly are you doing with all of the tax dollars you collect for out-of-state recipients?

  • Douglas Gottlieb

    I am signed in an am an HD customer but still see shipping charges when I add to cart. Why?

  • Love it!!!

  • This is awesome as I prefer FedEx over UPS as it’s easy to re-route the package to a FedEx Kinko’s to pick up if I’m not at home. This is going to save me an awful lot of money. Bravo LensRentals!

  • Emmett Serrata

    FedEx Corp. acquired privately held Kinko’s Inc. in February 2004 and rebranded it FedEx Kinko’s. The acquisition was made to expand FedEx retail access to the general public. After the acquisition, all FedEx Kinko’s locations exclusively offered only FedEx shipping.”-

    Stop by our personal blog too

  • The no UPS option is a deal breaker for me also. Problem with FedEx and UPS is they like to deliver between 1-4pm. Ok if you don’t work for a living. Not so much if you do. I often have to call UPS and have them hold the package at their shop for me to pick up. I have a UPS in my town. For FedEx, I have to drive 80 miles round trip. Any savings from the “HD” deal would be lost in gas/time cost. So, yes, if you guys could work out something so we could also use UPS I would sign up right now.

  • Thomas Haffey

    Please add in some kind of option to use UPS instead. I have a readily accessible UPS store in town but have to drive 20 extra miles to the industrial park to have an actual FedEx store. Let me just pay you the extra $6 per order that you are charging now and HD would obviously still be an awesome deal!

  • Jeff

    What happens at the end of the year? Is renewal automatic, or do we manually resubscribe?

  • tyler

    think about doing a monthly fee. i use it on prime and xbox live. it costs me more in the end but it’s easier to swallow 7 or 8 bucks a month and it makes you guys more money πŸ˜‰

  • Ross Sales

    This is so awesome! Thank you Lens Rentals. You guys are the best!

  • Roger Cicala

    Heavy Duty

  • Jerry

    Soo… what does the HD stand for here? Hot deals? Hurry-n-Deliver? πŸ™‚

  • Drew Cicala

    Hi Uzo, unfortunately, unlike Amazon, we are required to collect sales tax in every state that has sales tax. Most, but not all states with sales tax require you to collect sales tax on shipping and handling fees as well, so it is unfortunately taxable for most people. Amazon Prime, in the states that Amazon is required to collect sales tax in (like California) is taxable.

  • Uzo Uzo

    I just was about to submit my order and I noticed “Sales Tax TBD” There is no ST with Amazon Prime and Freeshiping.com both I have. Drew, kindly let us/me know how much this will be as an addition to the $79. Great concept BTW…it’s a no-brainer for those that rent frequently.

  • Drew Cicala

    It actually stands for heavy duty, since it is a program for heavy duty renters.

  • Drew Cicala

    It is only applicable for FedEx shipping.

  • Drew Cicala

    We offer free shipping on purchases for everyone!

  • Mike

    Will free shipping be offered to HD users on used items purchased?

  • Tim

    What is it about the program that is “High Definition”? Sounds like another misuse of the HD moniker.

  • Erin

    Aww, we Hawaii people are always excluded from this kind of deals!! πŸ™ If Amazon (Amazon Prime, which we use & love) can do it, isn’t there SOME WAY you guys can work it out??!!

  • Does this allow shipping via UPS or will this solely be for Fedex?

  • Drew Cicala

    Absolutely, Dennis. Doesn’t matter where you’re shipping it, as long as it is on your account, and it clearly isn’t a situation where 5-6 people are trying to share a single account for the purpose of gaming the system.

  • Dennis Martin

    For those of us that travel and reside in multipal location during the year, will you be able to have orders shipped to different addresses for that one account?

  • Drew Cicala

    Anne, it won’t automatically reprice your existing reservations, but if you just email/call us, we’ll be glad to adjust them for you!

  • Anne

    Great idea!! If we’ve already got an order reserved for later this year, and sign up prior to that order shipping, will the existing shipping charges be deleted?

    You guys are the BEST!!!


  • Great idea. It certainly worked for Amazon with Prime. Good luck with it. If I rented more I’d sign up for sure.

    Maybe you could do some back end calculation for repeat customers and tell us if we’d have saved money if we had this in place in the last year of our rental history. Might be a good way to sell it.

  • You people kick butt.

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