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The Lensrentals Podcast Bonus Episode – 10 Horror Movies Every Filmmaker Should See

Published October 31, 2019

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Choosing our Top Ten Horror Films you Should See:

Get in the Halloween spirit by counting down the top 10 horror movies we think filmmakers should see with our own Ryan Hill, Kendall Richardson, and Jimmie Harvey. The three of them break down some of their favorite horror films, and things you can learn from each of them as a filmmaker. For those who are looking for spoilers, the list is linked below, and most of these films can be viewed on the horror streaming service Shudder.



Spotlight on Jason Rawlings

Jason is a Video Tech here at Lensrentals meaning he takes troubleshooting and compatibility phone calls (you’ve probably talked to him!) and inspects equipment before it goes out to customers. Jason has made several of his own shorts and a few features too! His dream job is to make movies full time. His favorite piece of gear to use these days is Panasonic s1 and Panasonic S1H.

Jason’s Vimeo



00:30 – Introductions to Ryan Hill, Jimmie Harvey, and Kendall Richardson

01:00 – Pontypool description and why it’s Ryan’s first horror movie choice

02:00 – How Pontypool’s sparseness can help drive a story

04:15 – Why Eyes Without a Face is our choice as the second horror film you should see

06:00 – How styles and techniques change throughout generations

06:45 – Kendall’s choice is the 1931 classic Frankenstein

11:00 – The 2019 Midsommar is Ryan’s next choice in the list

11:45 – How the production design helps develop a story, particularly in Midsommar

14:30 – How Midsommar is an art film, with multiple layers for a broad range of viewers

15:30 – The next choice is from Jimmy Harvey, and is the 1973 British film Don’t Look Now

18:45 – BREAK

22:45 – The next choice on our list is Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror classic, Evil Dead 2

23:45 – How Sam Raimi is able to subvert and blend genres

25:15 – Using practical effects to change styles and build worlds

26:00 – Our next choice is the Japanese student film One Cut of the Dead

27:00 – How you can still create great films with limited budgets

28:15 – The next film on our list is the 1977 Suspiria

29:00 – How color and sound design can help create a scene

31:20 – The 9th choice for our list is the 2007 Trick ’r Treat

32:00 – Discussing the incredible costume design in Trick ’r Treat

33:20 – Our number one horror film is John Carpenter’s Halloween

34:00 – How Halloween helped solidify the slasher genre of horror films


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