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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #24 – How to Disinfect Camera Equipment and Spaces

Published April 9, 2020

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How to Disinfect Camera Equipment and Spaces

Before Roger Cicala founded Lensrentals he was a physician and as such he knows a lot about disinfecting environments and keeping yourself protected. Roger speaks with Joey and Ryan expanding on the article he wrote about how to disinfect your gear and not damaging it in the process. Bet you never look at dryer sheets the same way!

Note: Best practices are evolving very quickly, so this information is subject to change. If after this podcast is published the CDC says something different from what we’re saying today, go with the CDCs recommendation.

Referenced in this episode:

Bleach can expire. After a shelf life of six months, bleach starts to degrade. Even in its original bottle, bleach becomes 20 percent less effective as each year goes by. Bleach mixed with water at a 1:9 ratio (i.e. 10 percent bleach) is potent for about a day (it’s more unstable in its diluted form) 

Isopropyl alcohol losing effectiveness over time

To illustrate what Roger mentions about keeping 6 feet apart:


00:30 – Introduction to Ryan Hill, Joey Miller, and Roger Cicala.

01:20 – The team discusses their qualifications when it comes to disinfecting equipment and knowledge of equipment

03:00 – Discussing the recording date and the importance to stay up to date on this information

03:45 – Roger talks about the important first step when disinfecting equipment, and why washing your hands is so important

05:00 – Why wearing gloves is not a direct replacement for hand washing

06:45 – Roger talks about the proper process of removing gloves

08:00 – How to identify and use disinfectants such as hand sanitizers

10:30 – The importance of diluting bleach, and only with water

13:00 – How effective disinfecting wipes are when cleaning equipment and gear

14:50 – Why the CDC and WHO are pushing for a 6ft distance

17:30 – BREAK

18:00 – Without disinfecting, how long your gear should be left alone before it’s safe to pick up again

19:00 – Joey talks about the Lensrentals.com process of cleaning and inspecting gear

21:45 – Joey talks about the products used in-house at Lensrentals.com

22:00 – Why manufacturers haven’t recommended isopropyl alcohol for cleaning gear

23:00 – How to use cotton swabs and lens cloths to clean gear

24:00 – The fear of moisture and gear. and how to effectively use cleaners

25:00 – Why oils and other substances are bad for bulbs

27:00 – Why media and batteries need to be cleaned, because they’re handed back and forth often

29:20 – Roger talks about UV light


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    Oh brother… I don’t believe how many people are being fooled by this exaggerated virus.. don’t you see the politics and media playing into the situation? Yes virus is real but no worse the Flu and the tests are bogus! Stop the madness people. Wake up!

  • I use them a little moist but not sopping, but I can’t say that’s better than any other way. I do know if you just wipe your hands on a dry one you can feel that you got some of the ingrediants left behind on your hands.

  • JP

    @Roger -it was a throwaway comment but it had me wondering: What is the best / what are the different ways to use dryer sheets? I imagined using them in somewhat the same way as a disinfectant wipe (but dry) but you mentioned adding water.

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