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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #45 – Ask Lensrentals: Gear, Geysers, & the Future is Video

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Ask Lensrentals: Gear, Geysers, & the Future is Video

Ryan, Joey, and Roger are back in the studio and excited to answer your questions! Today’s batch of questions ranges from what’s the best camera and lens combination, to how our Black Friday sale can help those looking to buy gear, to what simple items we recommend keeping in your camera bag.

We love doing Ask Lensrentals episodes, and as such, we encourage people to submit their questions for upcoming episodes. Using the Google Forms link here, you can ask us any gear-related questions, and if we pick your question to be featured in an upcoming episode, we’ll thank you with a Lenrentals gift card to use for your next purchase. In this episode, Ryan, Joey, and Roger answer a large variety of questions ranging from photo to video gear recommendations. From figuring out which camera and lens combo would be best for a newborn shoot, to how Lensrentals disinfects gear that comes back to us dirty or smelly – we cover it all here. 

Additionally, we share a story of a Nikon Z50 getting drenched by a geyser, and why it’s the salt in the water that will kill your camera far more than any water damage could. Ryan also talks about when and if image stabilization is going to make gimbals obsolete in the future, and what tech you should keep an eye out for. We also talk about industry transitions and what has changed over the last decade-plus since Lensrentals.com was founded.

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Ryan, Joey, and Roger are back in the studio and excited to answer your questions! Today’s batch of questions ranges from what’s the best camera and lens combination, to how our Black Friday sale can help those looking to buy gear, to what simple items we recommend keeping in your camera bag.

0:50- First up what’s “the best lens/camera combo” for a newborn shoot? Or any shoot? We get this question ALL. THE. TIME. And talk through how to answer this and other better questions to include in this decision. 

3:50- If you’re asking a question along the lines of “What’s the best camera and lens for X scenario” we can help you figure it out, but give us a call or email us because we’ll have to have a discussion with you about a lot more before giving out a recommendation. 

5:10- We really believe that these days, any current generation camera and lens is going to be good enough for just about everybody to use for just about anything.

6:35- A classic question next, transitioning from Canon 5D IV to mirrorless for someone who shoots concerts and travel photography will the Canon R6 be sufficient or Canon R5 better?

7:50- Do you need the resolution or do you want the resolution? Roger’s advice is “If you want it and you’re rich, get it!”

8:35- Did you know we have Black Friday sales? We rarely talk about it on the podcast but we do and it’s a great time to buy if you’re in the market!

9:20- So, what happens with your Nikon Z50 gets drenched by a geyser? Well, it’s not good news. Anything with lots of salts or minerals is going to slowly eat your camera. Which in turn is the reason no one will repair it, they can fix everything that’s broken and 3 months later, more has been eaten away.

10:50- As far as inclement weather goes, they do make raincoats for cameras but Joey has always found a trash bag and rubber bands work just as well and they’re dirt cheap.

11:20– Silica packets are an invaluable addition to your camera bag.

12:15- We got a decent amount of questions about how Lensrentals does things which surprised us, but we’re happy to get into it! First up, how do we get rid of any smells from cameras, bags, and accessories? (Also, you’d be surprised the kinds we deal with!)

15:20- Time, the sun, dryer sheets, and silica packets are very helpful for smells as well!

16:20- Break

15:30- Following Ryan’s personal plea for more customer-submitted video questions we discuss if cameras with in-body-image-stabilization will make gambles obsolete.

17:00- Sensor stabilization will never have the full range of motion that in-body-image-stabilization or steady cams have. We’re still renting dolly’s and tracks and nothing is making anything obsolete in terms of camera movement. 

19:20- Can’t leave out this question either: How has the industry changed since we began and where is it going?

20:30- All we know is video has become steady year-round, unlike photography.

22:30- Where are we going? Where y’all want us to go!

24:35- What’s our advice for people wanting to start a podcast and what gear do we use?

27:45- How can you know what tech you need to try and what resources can we recommend? Honestly, our best advice is: Don’t listen to anyone on the internet. Don’t read the comments. You don’t need most of that stuff anyway.

30:25- It’s important to remember to ask yourself “What am I doing now? What do I want to be doing? What kind of look am I trying to achieve?” Once you know that then you can ask “Ok, what do I need to achieve that look?” 

30:20- Remember to force yourself to leave the areas where you have gained competence. Because the feeling of competence is so comforting that you want to stay there.


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