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My name is Ally and I am a Senior Video Technician at Lens Rentals. I'm a freelance veteran in almost every production department and a total gear nerd. When I'm not producing or directing commercials and music videos, I like to take advantage of my free time by oversharing pictures of my dog on Instagram.

Geek Articles

A Photographer’s Guide to Video File Structures


Digital Single-Lens Reflective cameras have revolutionized modern photographer with their digital imitation of film. As the medium has transitioned forward, video has come into the equation, giving creatives new territory to explore their visions with digital cameras. Unfortunately, this comes with some caveats, particularly in a slew of compression standards, encoding techniques, and overall file […]


6 Strategic Event Videography Questions to Answer Before Load-In


Regardless of whether or not it’s a live occasion, event videography can be tricky at times and pulling off a successful shoot can be a daunting task. Preparing is rarely as straightforward as picking out a few camcorders and tripods. Outfitting a camera rig is obviously an important part of the equation, but it’s important […]

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