Author » Joshua Richardson

I'm Joshua and a video technician at Before Lensrentals, I was a weekend portrait photographer and owned an audio recording studio just outside of Memphis, TN. Now, I have the pleasure of inspecting a small selection of the video gear you rent, and after hours produce content for YouTube and the wider internet.


An Overview Of The Fuji X-T2 For Video


It seems that all the video shooters I know have already chosen their go-to camera system. It’s the brand or camera body that calls to them with an immutable Siren’s song. They have memorized the spec sheets, know every minute curve of every button, and can change settings three menus deep without a peripheral glance […]

KeyMission 360 Review

Equipment’s Review of the Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera


2016 has become the year of virtual reality and head-mounted displays. We’ve seen the release of three major VR platforms and countless other phone-based reality virtualizing peripherals, but until recently, tools to produce content for this new form of entertainment have been only within reach of professionals. Photography behemoth Nikon is the latest to lower […]

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