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Stopping Down Some Bargain Primes and Zooms


In my last post, we looked at how the field curvature of some really excellent 35mm f/1.4 primes affected what happens when we stop down the lens. The takeaway message is that as you stop down, things change a bit differently with the different lenses, but by f/5.6 they were similar. Still slightly different, but […]

History of Photography

How Potatoes and Gelatin Created Color Photography


Long ago, I wrote articles about the glory days of photography. The days when any photographer worth a damn dabbled in chemical explosives or Bitumen of Judea and spun off side gigs like Lionel toy trains or fashion clothing. Back then your competition didn’t dabble in stealing your photographs, they stole your patents and drank your milkshake. One of […]

Removing Fly from Lens

Geek Articles

Removing a Fly from ‘Weather Sealed’ Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II


I’ve been doing lens stuff for a long time now. Long time. Trust me; it’s hard to remain polite the 843,911th time some newbie goes into hysterics because there’s dust in their lens. Telling them it doesn’t matter a bit, and that all their other lenses have dust they just can’t see ( because different optics magnify […]

Best Compact Cameras


What to Look at to Find the Best Compact Camera for You


Why Point and Shoot Cameras? Well, duh, because I wanted to use one. I go to the beach once a month. I wanted something that took better pictures than my cell phone, doesn’t involve carrying a bunch of gear, and doesn’t include changing lenses in blowing sand. Since I don’t use this type of camera often, I […]

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