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Photography Advanced Lighting Techniques

Photographic Techniques

Advanced Photography Lighting Techniques – Feathering & Zooming


Lighting within photography holds a reality – It’s easy to understand, but really takes years to master. As such, you end up seeing a progression with photographers who start using studio strobes that looks very similar to the Dunning Kruger effect chart – where they figure out basic principles, think they’re a lighting expert, and […]

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Understanding Light Control – Photographing Black on Black and White on White


If you’ve dabbled in off-camera lighting or even natural lighting at times, you’ll quickly discover how difficult working with white can be. It’s no surprise that many people ask their subjects specifically not to wear white clothes, as it’s easy to blow out the highlights and ruin an otherwise good photoshoot. Shooting white, especially when […]

ISO Explained in Digital Photography

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Photography Fundamentals – How ISO Changes Your Photos


In recent weeks, I’ve started posting some fundamental articles on how to use your camera if you’re starting out. In the past couple weeks, we’ve discussed both how aperture affects your images, and how shutter speed changes your images, so today, we’re going to cover the final piece to that equation, with ISO. But as […]


A Look into Bird Photography With Frans Lanting


They often say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and no type of photography holds that statement as true more than bird photography. A constant challenge of both patience and training, birding often involves being ready at a moments notice to capture that one shot of a fleeing bird. In a partnership with CreativeLive, […]

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Getting Started in Deep Space and Astrophotography


It is sometimes said that astrophotography is one of the most challenging types of photography out there. There are numerous technical problems to overcome, substantial initial investments, and a considerable chance of getting burnt out if you get too frustrated. Luckily enough people have attempted astrophotography to form a general idea about what the best […]

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